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2022 Internships
From 20th to 26th june 2022 
(still 2 places available)
From  25th september to 1st october 2022 
From 16th to 22th october 2022 (full)

internships 2023
sunday 16th - saturday 22 april 2023
sunday 24th june -1 july 2023
sunday 17th - 23th september 2023
sunday 15th - 21th october 2023

for those who will stay home it is better to be there one day before


In an extraordinary setting in southern Andalusia, artist Oliver Schneider offers week-long internships in his home/workshop

focus on the creation process applied to the painting.

Starting creating a new work is one thing, remaining creative throughout its advancement, not locking up, 
knowing how to stop… can be more difficult!

Big challenge to stay in control of your work while being open to the sometimes unexpected path that a painting takes.

And yet this is often where the artist’s creativity proves to be the most enriching.

Sometimes it’s when you get out of your comfort zone, when you leave out your habits that you really make progress. 
Acquire new skills and have the courage to challenge them, a delicate balance that offers the creator an opportunity 
to excel to get closer to what he carries in him.



During the week the work will cover:

 - a series of exercises focused on imposed parameters such as the number of colours and/or interventions, 
 the type of composition, the duration, etc.
- media variation, oil painting, acrylic, ink, etc.
- colour, starting exclusively from powdered pigments
- Combination of painting, drawing, collages on canvas and paper;


Practical information

With the seats counted, do not hesit ateto manifest quickly! 

or in advance for the following year the internships are almost identical each year.

The price of 1000 € (400€ on booking + 600€ on arrival) includes the internship, material, accommodation and meals. 400 € for accompanying persons who do not participate in the internship (accommodation + meal) 

the amount to be added for transport.

The price of the internship is 450€ (without accomodation and meal)


Malaga and Seville airports are well served and at very affordable prices, leaving only 2 hours of cars. The studio can accommodate up to 10 trainees, who will share 6 rooms (most of the rooms are equipped with a double bed and a single bed, + bathroom).

it is possible for a fee to rent a studio away if you wish. On the second floor a large common area (kitchen, dining room, living room) is open to a beautiful terrace overlooking the whole region. Solutions exist for those who would like to come with their spouse. The internship will take 6 days at the workshop and a day of break in the middle.


4 to 5 intensive hours in the morning (9am-2pm) and free access to the workshop the rest of the time (for those who really want it!!). Breakfast at 8.30 am, coffee break at the local bistro, lunch at 2 pm, the rest of the day is free to rest and/or discover the surroundings + dinner at home or in the restaurant (depending on the desires of each). 

Paint equipment is provided, just remember to bring your work outfit.


Some useful links

> for  car rental

for example https://www.marbenjo.com (outside the airport but with a shuttle available, and they don’t seem to be trying to add any surprise supplements)

https://www.goldcar.es/ , http://www.fireflycarrental.com/ or via a comparator http://www.rentalcars.com

Price changes are often related to types of insurance.

if you go through a price comparator, I advise you not to take full insurance coverage online but to take it out when you get your car at the desk of the airport (“rentalcars” standard price comparator insurance is not really recognized by the rental company!!). 


> for buses Malaga/ Algeciras/ Tarifa (about 20.- one way)

(there are 2 direct Malaga airport/ Algeciras buses per day, otherwise pass through the central station of Malaga)